This site is dedicated to the memory of Tommie Louise.

Tommie was born in Alabama on October 24, 1948. She has three children and four grandchildren who called her Nannie. Nannie spent her days spending time with and loving her family as much as she possibly could. Tommie loved listening to Elvis and singing songs to her grandbabies. Her favorite flowers were magnolias and sunflowers. Sadly, her wonderful presence on this earth ended on April 19th of 2009. She is extremely loved, greatly missed, and will always be remembered by her friends and family.


I haven't let you go, Though I can not hold you. I now think of things, That I should have told you. The first is I'm sorry For treating you like I did. I should have known better, But I was just a kid. The second is I miss you, More than you well ever know. In my heart and my soul, I can not let you go. I never got the chance To fully grieve. I know this Is a selfish need. I need to let you go. I have a life to live. But I can't go on Without the love you used to give. I don't remember the date But I remember the phone call. I prayed so hard, But you never came back at all. I try so hard To remain strong. But I still overflow with tears, Every time I hear your favorite songs. So tonight I find myself, Unable to sleep. Memories of you Continue to make me weep. You've heard the first and second, I'm sorry and I miss you. I'd do anything just to hug and kiss you. The third and most important Is that I love you. And more than anything, I know you loved me too. I know you'd forgive me And tell me its all okay. But I wish I would have apologized, Before that terrible day. I lost you, But feel like I'm the one who is dead. I wish I would have told you, All these things I should have said. I'm sorry. I miss you. I love you.
From Mercedes on 09/12/2014
I saw you, I swear it was. You stood there, Like no one else does. The curls in your hair, You had to be there. Your old blue jeans, I thought it couldn't be. I almost fell to the ground, When I turned around. I was just about to run up for love's embrace, Until you turned, and it wasn't your face. Unfortunately it seems, My eyes and heart have deceived me. I was stupid for thinking it was you, That it all might not have been true. I remembered saying goodbye, As your soul began to fly. I swear I saw you, Just the other day. But I guess I was wrong. There's no way.
From Mercedes on 09/12/2014
Thank you for setting up this memorial to Nannie. We hope that you find it a positive experience developing the site and that it becomes a place of comfort and inspiration for you to visit whenever you want or need to.
Sent by MuchLoved on 22/08/2013